Aglaia (Snow Queen 雪皇) is a supporting character for the later half of RevEvolution. She serves as a sympol of Light and love counterpart to Hades (Mio 冥王)'s Darkness and cruelty.

Background Edit

Not much is known about her other than the fact she is the 7th universe's current ruler. She seems to know more about Hetero-Energy and it's relations to Black Holes than any of the other characters as she discovered a way to actually create while within Hades' Abyss; a realm meant to destroy.

Trivia Edit

  • "Snow King", "Snow Queen" and "Aglaia" are different translations of the character's name based on her original name in Chinese, “雪皇” and her identity in the story. "Snow Queen" and "Snow King" are both direct translations of "雪皇".
  • Unlike Hades, Aglaia is a name based on her similarity with an (albeit minor) ancient Greek deity, Aglaia, but not the direct translation.
  • She is one of the first to introduce the concept of projecting themselves into a Nebulae through Hetero-Energy.
  • Aglaia is very similar to the character, Athena, from the popular anime/manga Saint Seiya in that they both function as the female "Big Good" of the series.