Energy Locker

Energy Lockers (异能锁) are the Robo-Soldiers' main source of transformation. Akin to the traditional Japanese superhero "henshin trinket", they use these Energy Lockers to summon their armor, vehicles, and mechs. The Energy Locker is also capable of being a form of communication, much like a phone.

Appearance & Functions Edit

These devices vary in color depending on Clan or User. For instance, Kino's Energy Locker is red; Devin's Energy Locker is blue. Each Energy Locker represents a Clan within the 7 universes.

It is shown that Energy-Lockers are capable of altering their appearance to suit their new wielders. Also, once the Energy-Locker has passed on to a new wielder: that new wielder gains permanent access in becoming a Robo-Soldier even when removed and because of this; the previous users still have access to the weapons and vehicles of a Robo Soldier as well.

Background Edit

According to Master Wyatt, the Energy Lockers were previously used by versions of the current users 100,000 years ago (specifically speaking). The exact origins of the Energy Lockers themselves remain a mystery as it was never mentioned.

Trivia Edit

  • The Energy Lockers are a subject of a Bootstrap Paradox, also called a Causal Loop, as each of them (except for Bradley's, whose timeline was altered) went under a cycle from past to present to past without giving any explanation to where they actually came from.
    • It is possible that these devices, through their shifting mechanism, exist outside of time and are aloud to appear in other timelines without causing problems within the timestream.