Parallel Universe is the first episode of RevEvolution.

Summary Edit

The episode begins with Master Wyatt walking upstairs. He soon reveals a hidden monitor, showing a large space ship full of Logan's forces approaching the Earth while Phoebe is at Bluecore International looking for Kino. It is at this point when Master Wyatt proclaims "After hundred thousand years, here it is".

During class, Kino surprises everyone as he explains Einstein's parallel universe theory (facts that Kino himself did not know about at first), he and his friend Thales quickly notice Phoebe walking away outside of the classroom.

They eventually encounter a group of other students (parallel versions of Devin, Tyler, Bradley, Titusz, and Pamela) as they were playing a game of Basket Ball. Demonstrating his amazing skill in the sport, Kino defeated all of them in a game before making a lecture about how basket ball isn't a game of showing off (ironically while showing off to students who were spectating).

Kino and Thales continued to follow Phoebe as they were quickly ambushed by Logan's soldiers. After a long battle, Phoebe, along with Kino and Thales, retreated to Master Wyatt's house.

Episode Edit

超兽武装 - RevEvolution 01

超兽武装 - RevEvolution 01


  • In this episode, Kino actually says the phrase "yes sir" in English after addressing the teacher.