Since I grew tired of the chase and search, I learned to find;

And since the wind blows in my face, I sail with every wind.

— Hades

Hades RE

Hades(Mio, 冥王, pronounced as Míngwáng) is the central antagonist within the 1st half of RevEvolution and a supporting character in the 2nd half of the series. He is the ruler of the Underworld, a sector within the 5th Universe.

Background Edit

Though, he appeared to be the series primary antagonist, however; by the later half of the series, this was proven false. In reality, he is actually the leader of the Wolf clan who originally waged war against Aglaia in order to stop the oppression that he and his clansmen were getting from the Tiger clan, feeling compelled that being "bloodthirsty" was the only way.

During his war against the Tiger Clan, he fell in love with the Phoenix Clan's Princess. This union would eventually cause Phoebe to be born. The princess would eventually be burned to death by her own clan leaving Phoebe under Hades' care for the time being, rendering him a single father.

Hades Past

Hades: 100,000 years ago.

Some other time during the pre-100,000 year time period, Hades would eventually save a young Titusz and his infant sister Pamela from feral Tiger-Motos. Hades would then pass on his personal Energy-Locker to Pamela, occasionally appearing to teach her the ways of it as she grew.

Personality Edit

In the past and present, Hades holds high regard for his fellow Wolf Clansmen, their allies such as Logan and his forces. He never shows any intent on killing his own soldiers nor does he hold any sign of grudges towards anyone.

Powers Edit

According to Devin, who somehow was aware of his existence at the time, Hades is literally the strongest Robo-Soldier in existence.

  • Black Hole Creation: Hades has the power to create black holes and use them to form an inescapable prison. He is also able to grant his followers and clansmen the immunity of being pulled in.
  • Hetero-Energy Manipulation: Hades' level of hetero energy is so advanced that only Aglaia has managed to compete against him.

Trivia Edit

  • His Chinese name can be translated as "Pluto" or "Mio".
  • Hades' appearance, post-100,000 years, resembles The Lich King from the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft.
  • He frequently quotes the philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
    • The page quote comes from The Gay Science, section II My Happiness