Kino (火麟飞, pronounced as Huǒ lín fēi) is the main protagonist of RevEvolution. His Robo Armor is themed after the mythical Qilin (Kirin) and his special attack is called "Burning Flow".

Background Edit

Kino, like his friend Thales, is a high school student at Blue Core International. He is regarded by his fellow students as "awesome" and within the first episode, he is shown to be capable of doing amazing athletic skills. According to Kino, he learned the martial art of Jeet Kune Do after watching "Bruce Lee movies".

From the beginning, Kino is a lot more cowardly and lecherous around Phoebe. However, after he receives his Energy Locker from Logan, he quickly develops into a more traditional hero and shows great leadership qualities.

Powers & Vehicles Edit

The Robo Soldiers do not show to have any personal weapons. Instead, they use hand-to-hand fighting styles and special attacks with dark energy, the energy which is the same with black holes and white holes to defeat their opponents. Kino's Special attack is called "Burning Flow".

Kino main point of transportation is the Kirin-Moto which he summons by shouting it's name. A motorcycle capable of transforming into different modes depending on the situation, such as when battling in space. The Kirin-Moto is also capable of shifting into a "glider" form, much like how Phoebe can with hers.

Kino's dark energy power is equivalent to 0.2 black hole after Master Wyatt's training at the early part of the story, and reaches 3.5 black holes at the end of the story (Episode 66).

Trivia Edit

  • According to the common Asian traditions, Kino's original Chinese surname literally means fire.
  • However the full translation of Kino's name is "fire kirin fly".
  • The true origins behind Kino's Energy Locker, as well the whereabouts of his absent Kirin Clan, remain anonymous as they were never mentioned nor shown. It is to be assumed that Kino is the last of his Clan.
  • The anime's director, Tommy Wang, has dropped hints over Kino and Logan being related on the company's official Weibo page. Stating that Kino's powers were inherited, then explaining how Kino and Logan both used the same hetero-energy lock. In fact, ten thousand years ago, Logan (Lion King) didn't have his own Energy Lock, and he used the energy lock gifted from the Kino who travelled back to ten thousand years ago. When Logan meets Kino again after nearly ten thousand years, he returns the energy lock to Kino (Episode 3).