Pamela RE

Pamela (Windshadow 风影, pronounced as Feng Ying) is Robo Soldier of the 7th Universe. She is the younger sister of Titusz and her armor is themed after the Panther. Her special attack is called "Panther Doom".

Background Edit

Immediately before she was born, her and Titusz' father was killed by soldiers of the Wolf Clan. After escaping with their lives, their mother died during labor while giving birth to Pamela. Born with black spots that covered parts of her body, she was left to die by her step-father, Greg, for being "tainted" but she was spared, thanks to the actions of Titusz and Hades.

Eventually, as she grew older, her spots became a source of discrimination from the Tiger Clan. Being constantly bullied and called a "freak", Pamela gained bit of a grudge against their cruelty. Anytime she would try to act on her anger, however, would be stopped by her brother who would chastise her.

The grudge and disrespect of the Tiger Clan, while also guided by Hades, would soon influence her to betray the Tiger Clan and her brother, forcing Titusz to kill her with his special attack Tiger Blaze. But actually, Greg is the one who kills their mother, also the one who causes conflicts and war between the Wolf Clan and the Tiger Clan with conspiracy, and set up Pamela. Titusz has blamed Hades for the tragedy, whereas Pamela herself blames Greg, ever since.

However, in an alternate timeline, Pamela was instead saved by Kino at the last minute in Season Two's time travel back to one hundred thousand years ago.

Trivia Edit

  • Pamela's name is of Greek origin that means "all sweetness" which symbolizes the still strongly good side of her.
  • She, along with Kino and Thales, are the only known Robo Soldiers to not be from a known clan.