Phoebe (Skyfeather 天羽, pronounced as Tianyu) is one of the heroines in RevEvolution. Her Robo Armor is based on the Chinese phoenix, also known as a Fenghuang.

Background Edit

Not much is known from her first appearance but as the series progressed, a dark past is revealed about her.

Phoebe was born from a union between Hades and Phoenix Clan's princess. Moments after she was born, her mother was burned alive by her own clan, and was eventually given to Master Wyatt to be raised.

While training under Wyatt's tutelage, Phoebe would soon gain enough Hetero-Energy to become a Robo-Soldier.

Powers & Vehicles Edit

The Robo Soldiers do not show to have any personal weapons. Instead, they use hand-to-hand fighting styles and special attacks to defeat their opponents. Her special attack is called "Pink Blast".

Phoebe uses the Phoenix-Moto as her source of transportation. During the beginning of the series, she is the one who first displays that concept of shifting modes.

Trivia Edit

  • Canonically, Phoebe is the first person to transform onscreen using an Energy Locker.
  • Her name, when separated as Hanzi, literally translates into Sky Feather.
    • This is considered fitting for her animal, the Fenghuang.