As water cannot rise higher than its source, the hetero-energy of the Robo-Soldiers can never be more than the conviction of their faith!

Robo-Soldiers, also can be translated as Animal Mode Soldiers or Ultra-Beast Warriors, are a special type of human beings that are capable of summoning special armor, vehicles, and Moto through their Energy-Lockers.

Appearance Edit

Each Robo-Soldier's armor, vehicles, and weaponry are modeled after certain beasts under various colors.

Social Hierarchy Edit

The social regardment of Robo-Soldiers from his/her clan varies from universe to universe. Some universes regard a Robo-Soldier under leadership type of roles while in other universes, they are treated as simple troopers. The overall purpose of them is to maintain balance within the universe that they reside in.

Power Edit

Robo-Soldiers use a special energy source, referred to as "hetero-energy", that they use to fuel their suits, weapons, vehicles, and powers. Wyatt explains that the power level of Hetero-Energy is dependent on the Robo-Soldier's own beliefs and convictions. If a Robo-Soldier's own beliefs were to disperse through anxiety and depression, the Robo-Soldier will lose all of his Hetero-Energy and will be rendered as a normal human being. However, if that certain Robo-Soldier were to reclaim his beliefs or create a new belief then he can become Robo-Soldier again.

According to the subtitles available on Lookus Teens Youtube account, the average power level of a Robo-Soldier is equivalent to that of a Black Hole. As shown in further episodes, such as ones featuring Wystan, who is shown to be capable of controlling black holes, this is actually proven to not be an error within the translation but an actual fact within the story.

Trivia Edit

  • The Robo-Soldiers, and armor, are very similar in role to Saints and their Cloths from the Saint Seiya franchise.