Titusz (Windshine, 风耀, pronounced as Feng Yao) is the strongest Robo-Soldier of the White Tiger clan and the Seven Parrallel Universes, the elder brother of Pamela (Windshadow, 风影).

Background Edit

In the beginning, Titusz' personality was different while serving as a voice of reason towards his sister, Pamela. As he would always think before he acted and followed orders without so much as grunt, however, due to a certain event, Titusz changed into a more cold and vengeful soldier who aimed to avenge the death of his sister, calling everyone; including Kino and his team 'underworld soldiers' and 'enemies' even upon first meeting them. He chooses to blame everyone except himself, Aglaia stating the hatred had taken over his heart. He is often showed angry.

Arsenal & Vehicles Edit

The Robo Soldiers do not show to have any personal weapons. Instead, they use hand-to-hand fighting styles and special attacks to defeat their opponents. His special attack is called "Tiger Blaze".

Trivia Edit

  • The name Titusz or Titus, is derived from the word "Titan" of Greek Mythology based on his character to become stronger through every fight, while the literal translation is "Windshine".
    • This suits Titusz as Kino would later give him the title of "God of War" within the RevEvolution continuity.
    • His Chinese name translates into 'Wind', which is what his powers are.