Wystan (鲸鲨王, pronounced as Jīngshā Wáng) is a villain from the 3rd universe. His armor is based on a giant whale. Unlike most humans, his skin is unusually blue.

Background Edit

100,000 years ago, within the 3rd Universe, Wystan, along with his fellow Whale clan, was once a slave to the Golden Elephant clan. Thanks to the intervention of Origin, he was able secure peace and equality for both clans.

Unfortunately, this did not last long as 100,000 years later; Wystan and his Whale Clan have enslaved the Golden Elephant clan just like how the latter enslaved the former.

Powers Edit

Through his Hetero-Energy, Wystan is capable of creating a black hole and survive a black hole's current. He is also capable of absorbing the Hetero-Energy that resides throughout the planet and does so when unleashing his ultimate attack.

Trivia Edit

  • His name literally means "Whale Shark King".
  • Throughout the character's (early) appearences, Wystan makes an interesting number of allusions to the Bible:
    • His Moto, a large black whale, alludes to Jonah surviving three days in the stomach of a giant fish (frequently translated to "whale").
    • The 3rd universe resembles ancient Egypt; how the Elephant clan were being used as slaves to the Whale clan parallels the depiction of how the Hebrews were being used as slaves to the Egyptians.
  • His central dogma is similar to Nietzsche's Master-Slave morality.